My name is Emma Sevitt, and I am an experienced History teacher, currently teaching at King Alfred School in London, England. Born in Canada, and having spent 9 years teaching in the Netherlands, I have developed a passion about making connections between History and Human behaviour.

In the summer of 2017 I travelled through from Memphis to DC via Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. I created this blog to document this journey. The blog is organised chronologically and is punctuated with conversations, photos and anecdotal stories. I chose to document landmarks and museums that identified with the modern protest Movement for the civic equality of black Americans. I met with other educators, rabbis, black activists, and members of the civil rights community.

In the spring of 2018, I returned to Memphis to document the #MLK50 – the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. My experiences are described here.

Today it might seem that it requires imagination to see the world according to segregation, a landscape of unequal pairs. But, unfortunately, it isn’t too hard to still feel, especially down here. Thank you for taking the time to read this.